The Sacrifice
For over 100 years Doctors of Chiropractic have been sacrificing their hands for the benefit of their patients health. This is no longer necessary.

This changes everything
With the advent of the Anteater, veteran Chiropractors can now eliminate permanent damage sustained to their hand, while performing better adjustments than they have ever done by hand alone. New Chiropractors can avoid this wear and tear in the first place. Doctors, who once avoided the anterior adjustment, can now perform it with the peace of mind that they are not forfeiting their hand in exchange for patient wellness.

Too good to be true?
Incredible as it sounds, thousands of patients have experienced the effectiveness of the Anteater and have been thrilled with its comfort. Since its rubber pads are much thicker than the flesh on the doctor’s hand that it mimics, patients find the Anteater to be much more pleasant than the traditional empty hand anterior adjustment.

What do Doctors and Patients say?
Chiropractors have been thrilled with the Anteater because it is one of the very few devices that genuinely assist in giving the patient a truly deep adjustment while benefiting the doctor. It is a win-win situation for both the patient and the Chiropractor. Doctors are first shocked at the incredible ease in which they are now able to adjust patients who were once very difficult to move. They then are shocked that something with its core consisting of stainless steel, feels so soft to their patients.

How does it work?
The ingenious design of the Anteater is meant to impersonate the human hand curled in to a half-fist. The frame of the Anteater had to be solid to mimic bone. This gives it rigid structure and strength to contend with subluxated vertebrae. The firm rubber pads then shield the patient from its core.

What does it do?
Excluding the cervical spine, the Anteater is a comprehensive spinal adjusting device. With the Anteater, adjustments ranging from the 1st thoracic to the 5th lumbar are possible.

Is it easy to use?
Finally, the Anteater is a breeze to use. Since it is literally an extension of the doctor’s hand, there is no need to
move any type of bulky apparatus from room to room or from under the patient’s body in between each anterior thrust. The Chiropractor simply performs the anterior adjustment as they would as if they were executing it with the empty hand. The Anteater is so small that it is easily carried from treatment room to treatment room with ease.

You can get with this...

Or you can get with that

The most incredible adjusting device that I have ever seen!

       -Dr. Aaron Kime

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